New Year – Many More to Come!

Let me start by thanking everyone… Cooking in this new year has been a joy so far.

Kaia and I are still working towards our goal of getting our book series published. We have our first book “in the can” as they say here in LA LA Land. Its a reference to films being completed, more specifically having the principal photography finished. And very similar to the work that inevitably follows, i.e. editing and post production we find ourselves in the same boat. We are simply waiting on the powers that be to help edit and publish.

Life is funny in the way that you work your butt off and finish what you’ve said you would only to wait… and the waiting is the toughest part. I’m certain that everyone can relate.

I often find myself staring at the phone, staring and trying to somehow make it ring or you know, have my email notification or my text message very specific beep happen, somehow! My mind wanders and I start to think that if by trying to tap into my previously unused and totally unlikely to exist superpower of mind control, that I could actually get my phone to be sound off. More often than not and in the off chance it does (likely nothing more than a coincidence), I am reminded that we are simply human. Suffering from a human condition known by many as “hope”.

I am and will forever be an optimist. I believe in hard work, as a parent I try to instill a work ethic in my daughter that will hopefully stick. Some people seem to think that hope and optimism will only lead to being let down. I agree to an extent. However, when you have a strong work ethic, coupled with having a goal or vision or a dream in addition to being hopeful and optimistic then nothing can keep you down. I mean sure, there are always setbacks and always variables that need to be managed and most importantly expected. But, believe you me if you are not able to handle the let downs, slow downs and whatever else is thrown at you; you will never be able to achieve what you set out accomplish.

Enough with the waiting around I say! If you have a goal, just do it! Make it happen and don’t let yourself get bogged down… I am saying this for our own benefit because I need to hear this too. It’s pretty therapeutic to be able to write this, because like most of us who are dreamers and who have been let down by others we need positive reinforcement that following our dreams are important and that we should never let go of them.

To be fair, Kaia and I initially set out just to write a book at Kaia’s behest. Over time our idea of simply sharing our experience in the kitchen together has grown significantly. Our goals remain the same. If that is confusing, I can understand. We are expanding into a series of books, a few different television show concepts and a few different products that we will be releasing in the near and hopeful future. One of the shows will have a direct correlation to the series of books.

Anyhow, all this being said… Stay positive, follow your dreams, set goals and keep trying to manifest your superpower (wink-wink)! I know that we will.

Thank you all for sticking around through our growth and development. Hope is alive and well, never give up! We are forever grateful to those of you that continue to support us in our culinary journey.


Kaia and Ben


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