Golden Beets Soup and Grilled Cheese Sammies: Shopping List

As you know, well that’s assuming you have seen any of our live-stream Daddy Daughter Cooking videos, we are a Dad and Daughter cooking duo. 

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Mondays are usually our shopping days. But I should tell you, Tuesdays are usually better for shopping because it’s delivery day and produce is fresher. 

Kaia found a recipe for grilled cheese that she thought looked good, and grilled cheese always needs soup beside it. Before leaving for the store we had a general idea of what we wanted. The grilled cheese recipe called for gruyere and Swiss chard, and we were thinking Tomato Soup. Comfort food!

We started with this idea and headed out to Ralphs, our local grocery store. You could say Kaia and I are impulse “grocery” shoppers. About 90% of the time we don’t know what we want when we’re walking in. You could also say we’re inspired by what we see. It is kind of ridiculous how much time we spend in grocery stores and markets, but we love spending that extra time together.

Where do you shop?  

Have you been inspired while grocery shopping? If so, by what? Tell us in the comments below! 

We’re going to help you limit the time you waste walking aimlessly through your market by providing a shopping list for the upcoming recipe.

We always start in the produce department. The (conveniently located) organic produce section is our first stop. Kaia has been on a “beets kick” of late and I have jumped willingly on the beets bandwagon. We LOVE beets, all kinds of beets!

Kaia looked at me and said, “we can put our own twist on the grilled cheese and soup!” One of my first thoughts was, “Oh shit! I’m raising a cliché,” but she’s right, so we did. We put our own twist on it. We took the idea from that simple recipe card and did our own thing.

We picked up golden beets with the greens still on. We also picked up some cheddar and gruyere, chicken stock and other necessities, like bread. The full shopping list is below.


At Ralph’s we picked up the following to feed 2-4 people:

1 bunch of Organic Golden Beets – Approximately 1 lb. each. Beets are really earthy in taste, but they have the ability to take on a lot of flavor when you cook them. We usually braise (cook low and slow) ours.

1 bag of peeled garlic – one of my least favorite things in the kitchen is pulling garlic from its skin. I’ll teach you a secret trick to doing this someday soon. Actually, the secret is: BUY BAGS OF PEELED GARLIC!

1 bag of small organic carrots – These will go into the broth with the herbs, spices and beets.

1 quart of Simply Organic Chicken Broth – Simply Organic has a few different types, we go with the low sodium, low fat. If you can’t find Simply Organic, any low sodium, low fat broth or stock will do.

1 lb block of Sharp Cheddar, Shredded, if you do not have a cheese grater – I guess I am old school, I am teaching my daughter that cheese is best when it’s whole and you do the grating.  I know it adds a little time, but we truly believe we can taste the difference.

8 oz block of Gruyere cheese – Gruyere is a type of Swiss cheese. We absolutely love Gruyere, It’s robust and is great on croissants, bagels, burgers etc:

1 loaf of thick cut white bread – we usually get bread cut for French toast – alas they did not have any this time, so we settled for an artesian pre-cut loaf.

1 Stick of unsalted butter – unsalted because you always want to be the one seasoning your food!


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